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What We Do

Our team creates unforgettable light art displays for major events


The light art we produce is picture perfect. Guests cannot help but to take pictures with our art piece and that gets the word out about the event.


Our main art medium is our triangular lights. Since these lights are so unique, guests leave events awestruck and remembering their experience.


The light art we create wow's just about everyone that sees it. It's so different from any other event decoration piece and your event will stand out.


Click the pictures to see some of the major projects we've done.


Fire Wall


Starry Night

SEGO Awards

Techy Confetti

Stage Lights

Rainbow Road

Four Seasons

Tree of Life

Seasons on Skyline

Light Arch

What to Expect:

We work with event creatives all around the nation that are looking for that new look for their events.

Getting In Touch

After you get in touch with us about helping with your event, you can expect instant communication. We will let you know all the information we need to integrate smoothly with the rest of your event and we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. We're here to take stress off your plate.

Designing the Piece

Once we have all the information we need for your event and what kind of display you'd like, our team can start designing a custom light art piece specifically for your event. We use custom software to design the piece to fit in your required space and design the color palette to match your desired colors. We can create multiple color designs if you need "real-time" color changes.

Using Accessories

Normally our light art pieces need a wall to be displayed, but most of our clients don't have access to one or can't use an existing one because of liability from the venue they are in. No worries. We have lightweight portable wall segments that can be used as a backdrop for stages, columns or any configuration you need. We can also build your piece on an aluminum archway if you'd like.

Finishing Touches

A few hours before your event we will be 100% finished. If your event requires any "real-time" changes to the color palette during your presentation, we will staff a team member to make the color changes on signal from you. They will be there to take care of any problems or issues that occur. After the event, they will be there to take everything down and leave the area spotless.

Our Amazing Team

A family dedicated to creativity

Megan Lay

Lead Designer

Weston Lay

Lead Marketer

Kami Barton

Lead Stage Creator

We started this family business to help inspire creativity in our clients' guests. We have been in the event industry for years and love how one small creative set can inspire thousands of people. It's our goal to outdo ourselves in creating bigger and more memorable event pieces through every event we do.

- Past Clients -


We've come up with a brand new service that will cater to smaller events!

Small Events

Light Arch

A custom color design on an industrial strength arch is perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Night Runs, or other small events.

8' tall x 10' wide aluminum arch

Custom dynamic color pattern

No set-up or take-down required

Optional rhythm generator


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Large Events

Sego Backdrop

There is so much variety in what clients need for Large Events that it's hard to give a straight price. Depending on what your organization's budget is, we can create a piece that your guests will love.

Arch, Walls, or Giant Mural

Multiple color patterns and real-time changing

Extended events or exhibitions


Contact Us

If you or someone you know puts on events, we would love to hear from you! Also contact us through Instagram below!